How the FDA Is Trying to Limit the Cost of Vaccine Manufacturing

The Food and Drug Administration is trying to limit the cost of vaccine manufacturing.

This is the latest step in a trend of federal regulatory changes that have made it easier for companies to make vaccines.

As Reuters reports, the agency is requiring that the manufacturing process be certified by a third party, which means it is a lot more expensive than other manufacturing processes.

FDA officials said in a recent letter to the FDA’s Food and Drugs Administration that the cost will be “exceeded by the manufacturing cost” of vaccines.

The cost of vaccines is one of the biggest barriers for manufacturers of vaccines and the government is trying “to ensure that they are manufactured in a manner that will meet the FDA safety requirements,” FDA Deputy Commissioner James Breslin said in the letter.

In other words, the FDA wants to make sure that the vaccines are safe before they are released into the marketplace.

It’s not clear if that means requiring that vaccine manufacturers get certifications before they can produce them.

The agency said that the process for certifying vaccine manufacturing could take up to six months, and that the certification would take place after the final vaccines have been distributed to manufacturers.

FDA Deputy Director of Public Affairs Michael D. Houghton said in his letter to FDA that the agency’s goal is to ensure that vaccines are produced safely and that consumers have access to vaccines.

In the meantime, he said the agency will continue to work with vaccine manufacturers to ensure the safety of vaccines before they’re distributed.

FDA spokesman Kevin Fitzgerald told Reuters that the goal is not to limit vaccine production, but to make it easier to make them.

FDA said that it will also continue to require that manufacturers use only certified manufacturing processes to make vaccine.

The FDA said the process will take place between April and June 2019, and will be administered to all vaccine manufacturers, including manufacturers of medical devices.

Hroughton said that while certification would be a significant cost for manufacturers, it would also help the FDA with the safety analysis.

He added that the FDA will also work with manufacturers to provide them with information on vaccine safety.

Humbleton said the FDA would use this process to make changes to vaccines in order to “better ensure vaccine safety for all Americans.”

It’s unclear what changes FDA is looking to make to the manufacturing of vaccines to make their safety more clear.

The Food & Drug Administration did not respond to Reuters’ request for comment.