Why is GEa food still on the market?

The food industry has always been wary of the health implications of using GE foods.

In the 1980s, GEs were banned from being used in processed food in the UK because of health concerns, but in 2015, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) ruled that GE foods can still be used as ingredients in foods.

This means that if you eat GE food, it won’t be the same as the original food.

The food safety body for the UK said the changes will mean consumers can now safely eat GE foods that are not processed, as long as the food is labelled as such.

The FSA has already warned that GE food is still a problem in some areas, and has been putting a greater focus on how to use it in food.

But GE foods are still on sale, and some products still contain traces of GE.

The UK Food Standards Authority has published a list of some of the most common GE foods in the country, and in the past, the FSA has found that some GE foods were linked to problems with cancer.

In 2015, more than 30,000 GE food products were recalled after the FSA found traces of the chemical thalidomide in some products.

According to the BBC, the UK is currently considering how to make it easier for consumers to use GE foods, which could mean that food producers will be able to remove GE ingredients from food.

It’s still unclear what the food industry would do if GE foods became more widely used, but it’s clear that the food safety system is more or less set to handle GE food.