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The NFL announced Monday it will end the practice of pregame tailgating, a practice that began with a tweet from former Chicago Bears star and current Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan in March that was widely criticized.

The league is in the process of finalizing a new policy to end the tailgaters and is expected to announce the new policy during the NFL owners meeting next week.

The change comes after an investigation by the league’s internal affairs department found that tailgater-prevention measures were not effective, according to a league source.

The NFL said in a statement that it would end the pregame tradition of tailgates for all teams.

The NFL said it was aware of the investigation and “we have reviewed the facts and will be making further comments in due course.”

The league has also begun a formal investigation into the conduct of NFL employees who allegedly harassed and assaulted players during the 2016 season.

The change is a significant one.

The pregame practice was started by former NFL coach Rex Ryan, who left the league in the aftermath of a 2015 incident in which he punched a fan during a game.

Ryan was fired by the Falcons.

He has since said he did not intend to hit anyone during a pregame game, but a video of the incident surfaced online and was widely viewed.

Ryan, who now coaches the Buffalo Bills, was fined $10,000 by the NFL for violating its rules for team coaches.

Ryan’s suspension was overturned, but he has said he believes he was wrongfully suspended.

He has also said he has never been charged with a crime.