How do you protect your food? This food processing insurance company is giving consumers the option to buy food insurance from their own bank

Auger Food Processing Insurance has launched its first food processing food insurance policy, which will allow consumers to protect their food from potentially catastrophic events, such as being crushed or burned.

“We are proud to announce that Auger Foods Insurance is launching the first Food Processing insurance policy,” said Andrew Bader, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Auger.

“With our first policy in place, we hope to bring a level of protection to our customers that is never seen before.”

Auger has a wealth of experience in food processing and has helped thousands of customers throughout the country in the past.

“Our mission is to provide the highest level of consumer protection to food companies,” said Bader.

“This is a critical time for food companies in this time of heightened concern for their customers.”

The new policy, currently available in Australia, covers a range of food products including processed foods, meat and dairy products, prepared food, and bakery products.

“The new policy is a great way to help our customers who are in need of the latest food and consumer products,” said Ms Marie D’Andrea, Executive Director at Auged.

Consumers can find out more about the policy here.”

By offering these benefits, we are also offering our customers the chance to protect themselves from potentially expensive food safety risks.”

Consumers can find out more about the policy here.