The New York Times tech blog has been taken down after one of its editors is accused of sexual harassment

It’s not the first time TechCrunch has faced a controversy for its editorial tone, and the recent incident was no exception.

But it was particularly noteworthy because of the way it came to light.

The article, titled “The New York Tech Blog Is Now A Ditch,” was posted on February 10.

It’s a story about the “tech blog culture war” that erupted after the New York Daily News published a series of stories by an unnamed TechCrunch reporter.

The story, which detailed the life of a prominent developer, included accusations of sexual assault.

The reporter’s name is redacted from the article, and it’s unclear if she was ever accused of any wrongdoing.

TechCrunch editor-in-chief Sam Dickson said in a statement that he was “deeply troubled” by the allegations and was “unable to support them.”

The article was eventually taken down and Dickson did not elaborate on the reasons for the decision.

In his statement, Dickson also said that the article “has not been published in a vacuum.

It is one of the more prominent stories on a tech blog that has dealt with allegations of harassment.”

He did not specify what allegations were in the article.

While the story was taken down, the TechCrunch writer was still employed by the newspaper.

But by that time, the editor-at-large had resigned.

Dickson’s statement did not mention that the woman in question was also a member of TechCrunch’s management team.

The woman is also no longer employed by TechCrunch.

Dillon’s statement also did not say what TechCrunch planned to do with the article when it was reinstated.

The article has been archived, but the TechTech community is still discussing whether to take it down.