Which of these food processing plants is the safest?

Source Associated Press article By MARK THOMAS, Associated PressThe U.S. Department of Agriculture is asking Congress to allow the use of food processing and processing plant automation technologies to make meat and dairy products safer, a report said Wednesday.

The Department of Commerce’s National Meat and Poultry Center in Alexandria, Virginia, said the technology could help reduce the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, as well as make meat products more flavorful.

The report says meat products, including poultry and beef, could also be made more flavorful, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly.

It said meat processors would have to have greater automation and quality control, and that they would have fewer animal welfare issues, as compared with processed food.

The technology would also help with beef production, the report said.

It would allow meat processors to “enhance the quality and texture” of meat and beef by using a new type of process called meat additive processing.

The use of meat additive processes is the latest technology to be used to improve meat and poultry products.

The technology, known as metalloproteinase chain reaction, uses heat to break down proteins and is a technology that has been used for a variety of foods.

The process, which is called meat-specific metalloplasmodic reaction, is being used to reduce the amount of antibiotics in meat products.

But it also increases the efficiency of meat production by increasing the speed at which meat is made.