“This is what happens when you make a mistake in food processing”: How Saritama Foods is fighting back

“The food processing industry has a lot of power and the power is not being shared equally,” said Lisa Hargreaves, who leads the Saritam Food Processing Alliance.

The alliance has teamed up with advocacy group Food Democracy Now!, which helped bring Saritamas food into the 21st century.

“I think there are still some people in the food industry that have this view that if they make a bad mistake, they can’t be punished, so they keep doing it.”

Saritami Foods says the food that was shipped from the U.S. to its U.K. factory was not labeled as raw fish and shellfish, which Saritams owners say they use to help preserve its flavor.

But the company says it was.

Saritaman’s American suppliers told the Food and Drug Administration that the fish was raw and that Saritames packaging was not in compliance with U.N. standards.

It says it paid the FDA $1.5 million to remove the labels and inspect the product.

Saratam’s American counterpart says it took corrective action on all of its seafood products.

“It was a big mistake.

The product was adulterated.

It was not certified as seafood,” said Robert Burch, the company’s president and CEO.

Sarotama says it has also agreed to pay a $1 million fine and $50,000 in penalties.

“We are confident that Saratama is doing the right thing,” said Hargrebans.

“And we look forward to working with Saritaminas leadership team to ensure the best possible supply chain practices for Saritame customers in the future.”