World’s best meat products in the supermarket

The supermarket is now a lot more attractive to meat eaters than it used to be.

There are now more meat products on offer in supermarkets than there were when the first supermarkets opened, according to the Food Standards Agency.

Food Standards Agency chief executive Simon Woolley said that, compared with the years before, supermarkets are increasingly offering more meat.

He told BBC Radio 5 live: “We’re seeing a much greater range of products now on offer, and there’s been a significant increase in the number of meat products that are on offer.”

A lot of the growth has come from food processing, but also from beef and pork.

“There’s also a huge increase in veg and meat products, which are also more expensive, so there’s a much larger amount of meat that is on offer.”

In fact, supermarket prices are going up faster than in recent years, according the FSA.

In the year to April this year, the average price of a pound of beef rose by about £1.90 to £16.90 a pound, while a pound or more of pork increased by just under £2.40 to £17.60.

Mr Woolley added: “I think the biggest impact of this is that the supermarkets are getting more bang for their buck.”

This increase in prices comes at a time when the average supermarket shopper has more disposable income, with the average salary now almost £20,000 a year.

But what does the increase in meat prices mean for people who don’t have enough money to buy more?

The UK’s Food and Drink Federation says that people on low incomes often do not have enough disposable income to afford to buy meat products.

Its chief executive Paul Lewis said: “In the UK, we have an oversupply of meat and the average person is spending a higher percentage of their disposable income on groceries than they would if they had the same disposable income.”

Mr Lewis said that the increase is partly down to the increasing price of vegetables and fruit.

However, Mr Lewis also pointed out that people can still save money on meat by using a low-cost supermarket such as A&C, and by buying the best quality meat for a reasonable price.

Food retailers are increasingly opening their doors to meat-eaters.

“People are eating less meat because they’ve seen that prices are rising,” he said.

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