Why a giant American company may have to pay billions in a lawsuit over GMOs

Food processors are using the food safety technology to boost their profits, but the process is now coming under scrutiny in Europe, where regulators have raised concerns about the technology’s safety and the way it has been adopted.

A report from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has found that AgriFood Processors, based in Illinois, has been using GMO technology in its food processing plants in France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany since 2007.

The EFSA report, which was obtained by The Wall St. Journal, says that Agrochemicals has been making GMO cornmeal products in the Netherlands since 2013, and that Agroscience, based out of France, made GMO corn meal in the same period.

In all, the report found, AgroChemicals has processed over $1 billion worth of GMO corn products since 2007, and has been the subject of at least one food safety lawsuit in the U.S.

A company spokeswoman, Heather Giesbrecht, declined to comment.

A spokeswoman for Agrochemical declined to answer specific questions, and said AgroProcessors would respond to the report in the future.

The European Union, which regulates food production and distribution, has launched a probe into whether Agroprocessors has violated EU law by using the technology in the past.

Agency spokeswoman Anna Schmitz told The Associated Press that the agency’s investigation had not found that the technology was unsafe.

AgroChemists said in a statement that the company has been in compliance with all EU safety regulations and had not received any regulatory intervention in the last year.

It said the company is continuing to work with the authorities to resolve the regulatory concerns.

In response to the European Commission’s probe, Agrotech said in March that it was committed to using only safe and appropriate food ingredients, and was working closely with regulators.