India’s ‘Pancake Paradise’ on its way to ‘Panchala’

The first Indian pancake in the world is due to arrive in Panchala, the capital of Assam, on Wednesday, following the launch of a nationwide ‘Pandemonium’ in the city’s main square.

The ‘Panjabi Pancake’, as the Indian pancakes are called in the region, is made with coconut milk, honey and butter and is a hybrid between the flavours of beef and vegetable.

It has the added benefit of being cheaper to produce.

The city of 3 million has one of the highest population densities in the country.

While the area of Panchal is about the size of Mumbai, it is also home to about 1.3 million people and has a population of about 15 lakh.

Panchal, in the eastern state of Bihar, is a hotbed of beef-eating and has witnessed a string of beef festivals this year.

Last year, the city saw around 500 beef-eaters at the festival, which was held on the second day of the year.